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Undergraduate 1 year, Director of Baseball

Always smiling, full of energy, and a bright character. Don plus size love doll 9;t think things well, typical clumsy. However, when it comes to serious, you are very eager to do things and become a person who performs goo real looking adult dolls d statements.

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Dean Daughter

A petite and charming girl, introverted, quiet and quiet, very clever and quickly turns red. She is clutterless, always smuggling, and when speaking china , she mutters her words in pieces with Mogom secx doll ogo.

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First grader of undergraduate and dance department

In fact, it was a hidden nerd and accidentally became known to classmates to be an otaku attribute, gradu mature love doll ally marginalized and eventually forced to transfer to school. When I transfer, I'm afraid to repeat the same thing, hiding the “secret” cherished and being clut guy using sex doll tered as if there is no heart.

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Etiquette part/teacher

After finishing a postdoctoral student at the University of Tokyo, I went back to my alma mater Lumi Gakuin to get a career and love.

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Twin Sister/Sister

After winning the vocal Grand Prix on campus, my sister int pp tpe plastic ends to become a singer and has been called by numerous suitors, including her sister's boyfriend.

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Undergraduate first grader/freshman

After working hard for three years, she became Rumi Gakuin's second grade at school and looks forward to college life as a freshman in college. What future is waiting for her?

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Yume no

4th grader of undergraduate · Taekwondo

Soon after graduating from school, she does not know what will be in the future and is very puzzled.

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Teaching Office Director

no profile

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Moe Ai

Twin Sister/Sister

Swim, my sister, hates my sister so much, and has been bewildered sinc sex robots future e my boyfriend changed attention to her sister and became fond of it.

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Undergraduate Third Grader・Social Flower

College goddess, the knower knows her truth.

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Undergraduate First-grader Electronic Music Department Member

Young girls who like dancing and DJs and often have headphones in college.

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