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Is the head of “Lumidoll” silicone silicones for sale flocked or better with a wig?

Author: Sakuramiko

Hello everyone! This is “Sakuramiko Auditorium”. My name is cute Sakuramiko ~ Today I wil tpe vs silicone dolls l talk about silicone doll wigs.

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When you try to buy a doll on the website, customer service says that this is a doll with a transplanted hair. The price cheap dolls is high, but it is very beautiful. It is a life size adult dolls with hair set, very beautiful and affordable. You might get confused when you hear this. what? Do you have a flocked doll or hair set doll? W realdoll male hat's the difference between them? Which one is better? may come up with questions such as.

With the development of the doll industry, the demands of our customers for dolls are becoming more and more. Customers demand that the doll personalized dolls for adults is infinitely close to a real person. The more real you are, the more realistic the experience you will get. That sex simulator online android 9;s why, in recent years, many doll manufacturers have begun to turn to silicone head sculpting. The number of silicone manufacturers has changed from several to dozens. Details are getting more and male love doll more, real hair transplant, more real blood vessels, skin texture and so on.

What is a flocked doll?

A flocking doll is an artificial flocking one by one on the scalp in the process of making a silicone head. Since this proces life size adult dollss sex dolls s requires a lot of time and ingenuity, the price of a hair transplant doll will be relatively high.

Why can I embed hair on the head of a doll?

This is due to the fact that the overall texture of the silicone head is re buy used realdoll latively hard, toughness and strong formability. If the worker embeds hair by hand, the engraving surface of the love doll torso silicone head is not easy to crack and can keep the scalp surface intact.

Silicone head sculpted hair transplant is divided into real hair and artificial hair. Real hair is real human ha buy love doll ir purchased on the market, after washing, embedded in the engraving of the si life size adult dolls usa licone head. The cost of real hair is very high, and some real hair need to be imported from abroad, so the price of real hair silicone h ai sex bot ead carving doll is the highest, usually the price of single head is more than 4,000 yuan. The price of artificial hair is relativ buy anime sex doll ely low, and the price of one piece is about 3,000 yuan.

What is a wig doll?

A wig doll means that the hair is not embedded in the process of manufacturing, but once the production is completed, the wi best dolls review g is additionally worn on the head of the doll. This is also a relatively common form on the market.

Hair set dolls are generally made of TPE material becaus cyberskin sex dolls e TPE can't transplant hair. Of course, silicone head dolls can also choose to set their hair. This is mainly to meet the needs of different u bulk blow up dolls sers: some customers want silicone head sculpting, but don't want to pay extra for f robot sex dolls locking, so our factory continues to manufacture wig dolls It's a

There is no flocking cost or time cost, the price of TPE single head is usual life size adult dolls artificial intelligence ly 1W to 2W yuan, silicone hair head carving is about 3W yuan, so the price of doll with hair set is relatively cheap.

Pros and cons of flocked dolls


(1) Realistic. Silicone head of flocking looks very real, and the hairline and scalp are almost identi orient industry doll review cal to real people.

(2) beautiful. The head of flocking makes the whole doll look very beautiful and looks and feels very good.

(3) Difficult to dye. Some low-quality wigs on the market can fade, and flocking can avoid staining the head.


(1) The price is high. As mentioned earlier, the price of one head anime doll body of embedded artificial hair is already about 3,000 yuan, and the price of the whole doll will be higher.

(2) It is not easy to clean and maintain. Embedded hair is closely connected with the entire head. If you plan to clean hair, you need to remove the entire head from the body, pay real looking sex dolls attention to makeup and prevent water from entering when washing.

(3) single. After implantation, you can not change the hairstyle, only a short or simple trimming.

(4) In the factory, the flocking process is manual, so it is easy to cause defective products and th stuffed sex doll e cost of the enterprise is high.

Pros and cons of flocked dolls

(1) The price is cheap. Due to the lack o chinese sex figurines f extra flocking costs, it has a relatively low price and is suitable even for budget customers.

(2) Hairstyle can be changed freely. Customers can buy many wigs and change different hairstyles for dolls.

(3) Easy to wash. The wig can be removed and washed separately without chinese sex store damaging the doll's head.

(4) Not realistic enough. Exposed scalp can be seen from different angles. Without the roots of the hair, it does not look real and the japanese anime dolls for sale experience is not very good.

(5) Doll's head is easy to get injured. The wig is easy to fall off when worn on the head, so it is easy to scratch your head. Some wig colors also pollute the doll's head.

(6) The wig is easy to age. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the wig will be vu sexy doll bases lnerable.

How to choose?

First of all, if the budget is enough, it is worth buying a flocking doll, so it is better to buy. If you have a small budget, it is best to choose a doll with a set of hair.

Secondly, refer to personal preferences. If you attach gr adult love doll eat importance to appearance, it is the best choice, because the price of silicone sleeve hair is a little cheaper. If there are no requirements for the truthfulness of the doll, then you c sex drive simulator free an choose a TPE hair set, the price of this type of doll is very cheap.

Next, think about the purpose. If you buy a doll mainly for sanitary and do not care about how it looks, it is recommended to choose a doll with a set of hair. It is in love doll expensive and can be replaced when you get bored. If you like photography, role-playing, dressing up and treating as tpe life size adult dollss a model for dolls, then it is best to choose a flocked version of the doll.

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