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TPE Love Doll (107)

TPE is an acronym for thermoplastic elastomer.
It is the most popular material for making sex dolls because of its good softness and suppleness. Compared with other materials, tpe is a more affordable rubber-like material. TPE is a suit sexsimulator gay able material for creating subtle features such as mouth, nose and labia of silicones for sale. The softness of this material is women dolls for men close to the touch of human skin, so the appearance is the most realistic. The material can also be bent, stretched, twisted, quickly restored to its original shape. Premium Love Doll is easy to life like male dolls clean, resistant to marks and tears, and dries quickly. male sex robot

The main reason why people buy sex dolls is to have fun and satisfy different sexual desires. The satisfaction and pleasure that you get from the doll are closely sex doll site related to the materials used to make it. There are a lot of fabrics, but the price is expensive, but in many cases the feel is not good, some of them are quite miscellaneous. Howev real live dolls for sale er, TPE has many advantages and reasons, so it is the best material to make tpe life size adult dolls. There are a few reasons:
1. Non-allergic
2. Odorless
3. Good softness
4. Cost reduction
5. Durable

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