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  • Many are excited about having a love doll and, on privacy, can worry about swx dolls how she is stored.
  • I will introduce a product that is easy to store this time!
  • It is a decomposition love doll!!
  • First, separate your legs and fit perfectly into your suitcase.
  • The small volume also has the advantage of increasing storage options.
  • The vertical and horizontal dimensions are significantl buy real life doll y smaller than ordinary cardboard, so you can store th inflated sex dolls em even if you have only a few closet gaps.
  • If it is such a place, it is a storage location close to 0% of the possibility of finding even if th realdoll pics ere is a visitor, so it is a sober content thankful.
  • “Family Barre Countermeasures” is completed with this.
  • The next thing is that if you store it in a suitcase, it's light when you do the action, so you can do it quite easily.
  • very popular!!

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