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Silicone Love Doll (13)

We will introduce you to the authentic reproduction full silicone love doll.

There are two major materials for love dolls. One is made of TPE and the other is silicone. Silicone love dolls are mostly domestically produced. Also, if you want to stick to the big bust sex realism of the texture, silicone love dolls are recommended. It is more expensive than TPE love dolls, but it is durable, heat resistant, oil resist realistic male sex dolls ant, stain adhesion, cleaning, etc., and can be used for a firm pose. Although the price is certainly higher than TPE love dolls, silicone love dolls are the fine silicone doll for sale st in the love doll industry. Today, it is often used as an impor dsex doll tant material for luxury life size adult dollss and AI love dolls.
It is recommended not only for beginners of love dolls, but also for those who are considering the se tiny doll accessories cond and third person.

The following options are provided as standard equipment.
Head: Hair flocking, eyebrow flocking, eyelash flocking, eye-moving eye-catcher, makeup as shown in the photo.
Skeleton: Yoga skeleton is movable shoulder joint, lumbar joint movable.
Body: Silicone body, Vagina & Anal, Soft finished chest, Vascular makeup

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