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Anime Love Doll Risa 80cm 6kg TPE, Full Silicone Compatible with 2 Different Materials Available Two Dimensional life size adult dolls Super Cheap Popular Doll

Anime Love Doll Risa 80cm 6kg TPE, Full Silicone Compatib the best sex doll le with 2 Different Materials Available Two Dimensional life size adult dolls Super Cheap Popular Doll Item No: 1512722

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¥36000 Discount ¥1800 (5% Off)
80cm (full TPE) 80cm (full silicon)

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  • Height 80 cm, weight 6 kg, chest G cup.
  • Three sizes: 5x30x53cm, Shoulder Width: 18.5cm
  • Foot size: 11 cm, vaginal depth: 17 cm, packing size: 79 x 28 x 26 cm.
  • Compatible with full TPE and full silicon
  • I can't have oral sex and are available with 2 holes.
Product name Anime Love Doll Risa 80cm 6kg TPE, Full Silicone Compatible with 2 Different Materials Available Two Dimensional life size adult dolls Super Cheap Popular Doll
Item number 1512722
WEIGHT 6 kg = 13.2277 lb = 211.6438 oz
Category SALE ITEM
CREATE TIME 2021-01-23

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Free shipping! All costs such as customs charges and shipping life size adult dolls order costs are borne by our company. If you purchase parts at the same time, we can ship them in the box!

B: About the delivery time

It will be delivered by Sagawa Express or EMS. In normal cases, the delivery of goods can be completed within 2 african american blow up doll weeks after payment is received.

*Double packing using reinforced cardboard on the outside and life size adult dolls toy styrofoam inside. There is no printing on the outer box so that you can see the contents of the product at all. Please rest gay male sex doll assured.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via chat or email.

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Please rest assured that we will check the life size adult dolls's photo by email before delivery.

If there is no problem, we will do a thor robot dolls ough inspection again and we will arrange shipping plastic sexy doll ASAP.

D: About packing label

At the time of delivery, there is no printing on the outer box so that you can see the contents of the prod realistic tits uct.

Privacy protection is thorough.

The name of the company is not described at all, and the sender will contain the personal na making life size dolls me of the shipping agent.

Also, when carrying out customs procedures, it is necessary to fill in the name of the item as much as possible about the nature

It is difficult to respond to the specification of the item name, but please understand.

Please rest assured that nothing is written in the item name column of Sagawa Express's slip.

If you have any questions,

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E.About packing method

The trouble at the time of delivery is accompanied. Insurances and other interactions with carriers in case of damage are very labor-intensive and time-consuming. In o small sex dolls rder to avoid the trouble and deliver your precious doll, we double pack it using reinforced cardboard and styrofoam inside. A teenager dolls lso, if someone in your family accidentally opens it, the doll is wrapp women dolls for men ed in a blanket so you won't notice it.

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