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《Lumidoll》7 Steps to Make Physical Dolls

Author: Sakuramiko

Hello everyone! This is “Sakuramiko Auditorium”. My name is cute Sakuramiko ~ Today I will introduce you how to make a doll.

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If you are interested in the doll, or you are interested in the process of making dolls, you may notice that there are not many results when you search by y.

The technology of making a doll is very complicated, and few people can fully understand it. Today we will introduce the cheap silicone love doll manufacturing process of dolls. The entire manufacturing process can be broadly divided into seven steps.

1. Make a doll mold

Making molds is the first step in the puppet production stage.

The shape of the mold is very important for the shape and size of the doll. Professional humanoid robot for sale designers need to draw drawings that fit the goal according to the proportions of the human body, an realdoll website d then use the drawings to create the correspond dolls for men ing model. In general, the molds are specially designed and we can manufacture all corresponding types of models.

In this process, designers need to be familiar with market preferences and design accordingly. In addition, diffe beautiful love dolls rent masters design unique dolls according to their taste and aesthetics. In doing so, designers will be able to create unique and attracti neojoy torso ve dolls and attract more customers to the company. This is the value of designers in this field.

2. The skeleton of the doll

The structure of the doll bone is usually made of stainless steel, but it can be used instead of h asian sexes uman bones to create the whole body of the doll. The function of the joint is similar to the human bone in the same way as the human body and can human robot for sale be arranged in a human-like posture. In o male sex mannequin rder to improve innovation, many doll companies are currently designing and manufacturing new doll frames, focusing on improving weight and rigidity.

3. Match the made molds and skeletons

Having prepared the skeleton and mold, pair them, properly assemble them and maintain the desired position.

The assembly process of molds and skeletons is a very delicate process. Any problems in the assembly process can aff sex love dolls ect the overall quality of the doll, lead to imperfections and deformat life size adult dolls x ions of the finished product, which can only be disposed of.

This process is very delicate and requires maximum patience and attention to ensure its quality.

4. Heating and preparation of TPE material doll having sex s

In order to produce TPE materials, raw materials need to be accurately calculated and mixed in the required proportions and mixed u love doll stream niformly. The quality of TPE varies greatly depending on the formulation of the prod action figure sex uct.

When all the materials are fully prepared, the processing of these materials begins. After heating the material to about 200 degrees, the heated material is injected japanese pleasure robots into the mold, gradually forming the doll in the mold.

5. cooling

The heating of the TPE requires high temperatures, so the injected mold should be placed in the coolant or washed in cold water for several hour s3x simulator s.

After the cooling process is over, you need to manually open the mold and take out the doll, but at thi quality love dolls s time, the doll creation has not yet been completed.

6. Trimming and smoothing

After the TPE doll is taken out of the mold, the following processing steps must be performed manually before the doll can be sold completely.

The edges and corners of the doll just taken out of the mold are very r big black doll ough. Use sharp tools to smooth the sides of the feet, hands, neck and body, removing irregularities and rough edges. The purpose is to create the appearance of the do real asian sex ll. More real and beautiful. Also attach the nail or toe nail and wash it thoroughly again. After drying, if there are no other defects, w sex torso toy e apply talcum powder to keep it smooth and dry to maximize customer satisfaction.

7. Make a doll's head

The head of the doll has more complex features than the body, so the head and body of the doll are made separately.

The manufacture of the head is very similar to the manufacture of the body, the only difference is the use of different molds. After the saxy doll doll head creation process is completed, a special makeup ar sax doll video tist will apply makeup to make the doll look more sexy and attractive. There are more models on the head than the body, and the consumer can choose more appearance. Whe big tit sex doll n leaving the factory, drill a hole between the two and fix it with screws.

Finally, the finished product is placed in a dedicated dedusting warehouse, wrapped in plastic film, and then hung. When customers place an order, the factory will receive the goods from warehou love doll germany se according to the sample number and ship it in reliable and safe box. Place a foam cushion inside and wrap the doll with a blank customize sex doll et to protect all parts of the doll.

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