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《Lumidoll》Where is the physical doll standing? How to use the standing function correctly

Author: Sakuramiko

Hello everyone! This is “Sakuramiko Auditorium”. My name is cute Sakuramiko ~ Today, I will introduce the standing function to everyone. <span font-size: 16px; white-space: normal; background-color: #ffffff; “="” open= "” sans” , = "” sans-serif; = " life size adult dollss ;” font-size: = "” 16px; = "” white-space: = "” normal; = "” color: = "” rgb (94, = "”” 94, = "” 94); “="” style="margin:0px; silicone adult font-size:16px; ">

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What is a standing stand?

When you buy a doll for the first time, you may notice that y love and doll ou can choose a standing stand. So what is a standing stand? Shouldn't the doll stand universally?

It starts with TPE material. The material of TPE is very sof anime japanese dolls t. If you bought a doll without a standing design, there is a steel frame inside the soleplate, so if you need to keep the doll uprig pregnant love dolls ht, this kind of metal could wear the TPE sole directly.

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Standing doll refers to a foot with three screws as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll's standing.

Use the standing function correctly

Even if it has standing function, the doll may not be stable. The three screws at the bottom play an auxiliary role and are not particularly sta tpe soft plastic ble. The doll is different from a real per real sexl son, so the cerebellum is needed to maint natural girl picture ain the balance of the body. You need a wall or support for the doll to stand firmly.

When choosing a doll with a standing function, do not wear stockings on the doll, because the screws can wear out what is tit sex or penetrate the stockings. Also, if you wear shoes for dolls, wear more socks or make the insole harder, so that the socks are not scratched.

Of course, there is another way. That is, you can put a special leather insol cyberskin sex dolls e on the doll's leg, and then put on stockings.

Do I need to choose a standing function?

For those who are pursuing the perfect doll, these three screws will undoubtedly destroy the integrity of the soles of their feet. If, according to your own needs, you do not need to stand the sx doll doll for a long time, then normal legs are the best opt liebespuppe doll ion, because to maintain the consistency of the H real size dolls owever, if you use the doll as a mannequin or a model of clothing, the standing function is essential.

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