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6 Frequently Asked Questions you would like to read when buying Lumidoll

Author: Sakuramiko

Hello everyone! This is “Sakuramiko Auditorium”. My name is cute Sakuram aex robot iko ~ Today I will explain how to buy dolls.

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When buying dolls, buyers tend to contact those who have already purchased them and learn about how to buy dolls, specific sex doll usa ations and regulations that should be noted. But this is no longer the case. If you plan to buy a doll and you are worried about how to choose the right one, the following guide wil tpe latex l help you.

Listed below are the important and most common questions you should ask when buying dolls online.

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Question 1: What is the doll material?

It is very important to understand the material of the doll. In general, TPE and silicone are the two most m robot dolls ainstream materials. If you are unsure of the differences between them, you can ask Customer Service to send you a comparison of the relevant parameters. The doll of both materials is v free sex sim ery soft to the touch. However, TPE is much softer than previous materials. Therefore, if you want the skin of the doll to be soft as fea life size adult dollss price thers, it is better to choose a doll from TPE material

Question 2: Is the doll flexible?

Many customers may need to shake the doll in different poses for shooting. Therefore, it is very important to ensure th male se doll at expensive dolls are able to withstand daily stresses. The doll male life size doll needs to be flexible enough to experiment with different postures in mind. So, before buying, you need to consult with the manufacturer what life size adult dolls usa metal the skeleton of the doll is and whether the skin is flexible enough.

Question 3: How much is the size and height of the doll?

Before buying a doll, check the size and height of the doll. It all depends on your needs. Make sure that all you need is a torso, a mini-body doll or a life size adult dolls in a ratio of 1:1. Most b artificial sex uyers prefer to buy full-size dolls for a more realistic experience. Therefore, if you can accept a doll of this size and there is enough space to store it, be sur petite sex dolls e to buy a life-size doll.

Question 4: Can you customize it?

Most brands offer services to customize for making dolls according to your own needs and preferences. If you look for do doll for sale near me lls online in different brand flagship stores, you may find several options for customizing the doll.

Question 5: Is the doll's body shape different?

This question is related to the above question. When checking customization options, be sure to check with the Customer Service Doll to make sure there is no difference japanese sex robot in body shape. Different people have different preferences. Some people like the body in the shape of an hourglass, while others like a pear-shaped bo harmony the robot dy.

Question 6: How much is the shipping cost?

Knowing the shipping costs in advance will be very helpful to understand the total cost of buying a doll. Some stores charge part of the shi sex doll uk pping cost, but most stores offer free shipping on the first purchase. Therefore, you can save on shop black sexy doll ping costs by choosing the latter.

Realistic doll can meet many of your needs. So when ordering, please pay attention to the type of doll you need.

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Undergraduate 1 year, Director of Baseball

Always smiling, full of energy, and a bright character. Don't think things well, typical clumsy. However, when it comes to serious, you are very eager to do things and become a per life size adult dolls sex video son who performs good statements.

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Dean Daughter

In the dark corner there is a pair of eyes looking at this little girl, with an evil smile on the corner of the mouth... no... Risa run away!

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First grader of undergraduate and dance manager

I am crazy about dancing, very fond of dancing, and because of the liberation of physical body, I often mak ebony dolls e difficult dance movements with dance teachers in the classroom.

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Etiquette part/teacher

I am responsible for university etiquette work. She was at real skin sex doll tracted to the principal with her graceful figure. Every Friday, I always hear a voice like “no.. yeah” from the principal's office.

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twin sister/sister

She in the third grader loves to sing with a cute character and dreams of beco celebrity look alike sex ming a singer.

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Undergraduate first grader/freshman

I was full of longing for college and finally came to Lumi College as a freshman. What do you meet her?

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4th grader of undergraduate · Taekwondo

Having won a taekwondo competition organized by Lumi Academy, his strength is extraordinary an quality sex doll d everyone is afraid of.

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Teaching Office Director

The boy throughout the university wanted to get her body, so in the classroom, the student ringed her and photographed several M tpu vs silicone Vs.

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Moe Ai

twin sister/sister

She was the sister of twin sisters and became a prostitute, in order to give the film agency the opportunity to appear in her sister.

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Undergraduate third grader social flower

She is a rich toy and the body can be obtained for only 50000 yen. I don't know how many men you slept with

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Undergraduate First-grader Electronic Music Departmen the most realistic doll t Member

Go crazy about electronic music and often appear in bars everywhere. She does not hesitate to sell her body for electronic lumi doll shop music.

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